Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an ancient therapeutic method which promotes health and wellbeing. Treatment provides effective relief from stress and pressure, with a range of physical and psychological benefits. It is a convenient way to promote relaxation and to combat the build-up tensions from daily life.

The therapist uses different massage techniques of varying rhythms and pressures on the head, neck, shoulders, and upper back. The client is seated comfortably and fully clothed during a session.

The popularity of Indian Head Massage is due to its effectiveness and its convenience. It is done seated using no special equipment. It can be done anywhere so it slots easily into a busy working day or routine. At Serenity Cabin you’ll have the added benefit of the tranquil surroundings, often accompanied by birdsong!

The benefits of Indian Head Massage

Emotional stress and tension tend to accumulate the head, neck and shoulders. There are obvious effects like eye strain and tension headaches, but also less obvious ones like poor sleep, digestive problems, fatigue and even raised blood pressure. Indian Head Massage is an effective antidote to these and many other effects of this build-up.

  • A feeling a state of calmness, peace and tranquillity
  • An enhanced sense of wellbeing
  • Improvements to alertness and concentration.
  • Relief from upper-body muscle pain
  • A reduction in eyestrain and tension headaches
  • A healthier scalp and hair
  • Relaxation of the whole body
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved sleep and concentration
  • Help with mental tiredness and tension
  • Relief from mental and emotional stress.

Contact Angela to discuss how a visit ro Serenity Cabin could help you.


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