New Beginnings

It seems to me that the seasons of nature have a thing or two to teach us in how to approach our day to day lives. Although late in its arrival this year, Spring is the first season to demonstrate the wonder of new beginnings. I took a walk in a wooded area last week-end and saw for myself the first emergence of new growth. The very bright green of the new shoots of life, and the emergence of the primroses, violets and wood anemones.

Nature follows a very definite course of events, but the one predetermined fact is that all in nature flourishes and then rests during winter to start afresh the next year. We tend to expect to go from year to year with our lives and never take the time to stop, rest , and believe that life doesn’t have to be like this. We all have the capacity to change our Sumner Woodcircumstances, at the very least by looking at ways we can achieve this.

Taking a walk outside in nature, away from our computers, mobiles, television etc, the answers are there to be found. When you go outside,  look around you and really observe what you can see. You will notice things that in the past may have gone un-noticed and often what you see could be a metaphor that you can compare to your life.  It may sound strange if you have never walked mindfully before, but that’s really all there is to it.

I am sure you will reap the benefits. We all wait eagerly for the warmer weather and longer days and there is not doubt we all feel better and more energised to go outside when the sun shines. It has been a long winter, but now its time to increase your energy levels and step outside. You too can put a ‘spring’ in your step and look forward to your ‘new beginning’ Its free to all – and you are worth it.

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