That feel-good feeling

Have you noticed how everyone is so much brighter and happier when the sun shines? We just want to soak up those rays in case it is just for a short period.

So we experience good feelings and notice how that affects our mood. It is important to tune into our feelings and notice how our surroundings can be a deciding factor of how we feel on that day.

During treatment in Serenity Cabin you will be able to switch off and just enjoy being able to relax in what becomes ‘your space’

We need to recognise our feelings and be aware of what changes them and how that makes us feel. We tend to believe that we have no control over our feelings but if we take time to tune into our mind and body we can indeed control how we feel.

So I hope you getting a chance to enjoy these bonus early Spring-like days, and recognise how good they make you feel.

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