Think for yourself about yourself

In the words of the song, a day spent differently from the norm could transform your life from the sleep-work-eat cycle you have slipped into.

We all need a little time out. It provides the opportunity to step outside and look into our chosen lifestyle. I don’t mean the major decisions you’ve made along the way, I mean the beliefs and habits you’ve picked up along the way. It’s often the things we don’t question that are shaping our lives.

Have you just accepted that’s it’s okay to not take time out, to think about yourself how you feel about yourself?

If you are generally happy and fulfilled, then that’s OK. But, if you are struggling with unwanted stress or pressure, a habit you don’t like, or anything else which is interfering with your wellbeing, then it’s time for a review.

Taking time to think for yourself about yourself doesn’t mean you have to make radical changes. You can still succeed in your work, achieve your goals and have quality time to do all those things you desire.

Taking a little time out can give you the space to be aware of how much control you actually have so that you steer yourself towards the quality of life you enjoy.

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