Time and Tide wait for no one

Time and Tide Waiteth for no (wo)man.

My new home by the sea,

My walk into town,

This sign is often in my path,

Its meaning promotes a frown.


For as I grow older,

Time does certainly pass,

More quickly it seems,

Increasing my task.


To do all those things,

I have wanted to do,

Not to miss an opportunity,

Or stand in a queue.


Watching and waiting,

Along with the rest,

For life to present,

Its mysterious best.


But impromptu I’ve found,

Brings out the best,

A chance meeting,

A friend, an excuse to rest.


Lets’ have a coffee,

Put the world to right,

Exchange funny stories,

What is your plight?


An unplanned encounter,

Squeezed into your day,

“Time and Tide “saying,

My frown’s gone away.


Angela Winbolt.

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