Just ride the wave

I can hear the sea from where I live, especially at this time of year. It’s a sound that is always welcome. Like most sounds from nature, it soothes me, even when the waves are pounding the shore as they are today.

Surfers talk about riding the wave, and they can spend hours, even weeks, waiting for the perfect wave. I once knew someone who did this; she gave up work to sit on her board, hanging around on choppy water. She said that what kept her at it was always the belief that the next wave would be the perfect one.

It occurred to me that this a pretty good metaphor for how some people live their lives. OK, for how I used to live my life; hanging around in the belief that the next (day, job, partner, idea… you name it), would be the perfect one.

That’s OK, if it keeps you going, motivates you to stay on board. But you miss so much of what’s happening in the here and now, so sometimes it’s better to just ride the wave and see where it takes you.

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