Mothers Day

I used to think that Mothers Day was a commercial day for the card companies and shops to make a few extra pennies. However, that was before I became one myself and then moved on to become a grandmother too.

I think the role of a mother is so centred around her offspring and those feelings when you hold your baby for the first time and realise it is totally dependant on you. It is a pretty scary situation to be in, whilst full of love and admiration for the new little bundle, you worry so much that you will get it right. The right feeding methods, sleeping routines, the right weight, the right size.

Then life moves on and you have to let them move away and grow into their own person. Venturing out into that big wide world to learn their own lessons, make their own mistakes, but hopefully rooted with the standards you have instilled in them.

So I think maybe its okay to have a special day for Mothers. A time to say ‘thankyou‘ mum for all you did for me growing up and helping me become the person I am today.

In return, thank-you, to my son and daughter for the years of pleasure and, thankfully little heartache, and continuing to make me smile by having you both in my life.

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