Time Off

It is Easter weekend and a time when hopefully we get some time off to be with our family and friends. For once the weather is being kind and we can go outside and enjoy the beautiful countryside and nature.

Yesterday I had a day off from my normal working day in the cabin and went with some very dear friends to Standen a National Trust house and garden in East Sussex. What a perfect day it was. We wandered around the house first where I saw examples of William Morris’s work in fabrics used throughout the house and it reminded me of a first sofa I bought in the 70’s with his patterns depicting nature, leaves and flowers mainly. Then we meandered around the gardens ablaze with beautiful Tulips and other Spring flowers.

The leaflet that the National Trust gave me I thought explained so well the benefit of visiting these national treasures. –

The National Trust was set up because our founders believed that when you spend time in a good place, it can help you feel in a good place too.

Pausing for breath amid trees, feeling like you’ve stepped back in time as you explore the old house, whiling away a warm afternoon with friends over a picnic… moments like these can help you find yourself in a good place in more ways than one.

This description encapsulates our day completely and even this morning, the day after I feel the relaxation has stayed with me and will be on-going. Go out there and enjoy.

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