A Floater or a Fixer

I recently came across this description of how we react to others problems. For those that cannot help jumping in at every opportunity try and fix other peoples problems ie – Fixers, or those that watch from the sidelines and allow the individuals to address and learn to combat that which is affecting and disturbing their day to day living – Floaters.

I thought about this and realised that mainly since I became a mother I have tended to be a ‘Fixer’. Quite genuinely with a desire to try to help, fix, guide others to solve their problems. It is not a bad attribution, but if taken to the extreme can lead to overload and burn out in ones’ own life.

We can be there for others, a listening ear, sharing experience gained through life, and offering guidance in the right direction so they can help themselves to come through whatever is dogging them.

So I think I need to learn to be a Floater from now on. It’s going to take practise on my behalf as the habit of being a Fixer has been with me for many years. The world has many problems but we cannot fix the world on our own.

Be a good neighbour by all means, support your family but above all else realise your limitations and practise some self-care

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