Where there’s a Need there’s a Way

So this weekend I had the opportunity to run some workshops on one of my many passions. Zentangling. A very simple form of art that anyone can achieve.

The event was on Stress and ways we can help to reduce it and induce relaxation.

We had an amazing attendance and each and every one of the people I had in my workshops were happy to try this method of using repetitive strokes with a pen, pencil or coloured pen to bring about a meditative state,  helping the person to relax. The opposition to any form of art instilled by a teacher, family, friend or other over the years that they were not creative in any way, was dispelled.

They all produced artwork to be proud of, and had conversations whilst they drew.

It was a joy to watch, nervousness disappeared, belief in themselves grow, overcoming that negative voice.

I believe we all have creativity inside us, it just needs to be given the chance to blossom through  the belief that yes you can.

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