Taking back control of your life.

Have you ever felt that life, it’s expectations of you and all that goes with that, are out of your control and you just have to ‘suck it up’ as the modern terminology seems to suggest.

Recently I learnt a message, which whilst many times over I have heard, that if you want to change how you feel, take yourself out of the situation and turn your attention to something that will take your mind off in a different direction.

The body really does respond and change the way you feel. It will not necessarily reduce the amount of stress you feel on a day to day basis, or permanently keep you in that wellbeing mode, but it will offer you relief and time to rebuild your energy levels to cope in a much better way. Life today is busy, it is hectic, it is peppered with new things to learn on a day to day basis to keep up to date.

So how and what can we do, here are just a few of my suggestions.

Music – tune into your favourite music and lose yourself

Swim or play some sport.

Take yourself out for a walk.

Decide to learn something new, and yes drawing or painting. We all have a creative side in us and we just need to nurture it. Even if you have been told through life you don’t have that gene. Just try and the benefits will enfold.

Try and of the above and take back control of your life.

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