How to Give Yourself Some TLC.

I am so pleased I have discovered the value of massage. At times of stress and over-load there are some simple massage techniques that you can apply to yourself. You only need to find a quiet corner or in bed, if you have trouble getting off to sleep.

Here are just two :_


With your thumb and first finger take your earlobes between the fingers and whilst massaging down and slightly pulling the earlobe away from the head. Do this for a least 1 minute continuously. This one is particularly good for stiff necks and will loosen it up. Experiment, see how far you can turn your head each way before and after using this technique.


Again with your thumb and first finger take the fingers of the other hand one at a time and massage each finger along the length and again slightly pulling each finger. With your thumb massage the palm of your opposite hand in small circular motion. Very comforting and soothing and easy to do anywhere.

Happy Massaging.

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