Natural Breaks

Have you ever noticed that at certain times in the day you feel a dip in your energy levels. I can remember even in my 20’s when I worked in an office around 11ish and again around 3pm I will feel tired and would offer to make the tea and coffee to get me through. What I failed to realise was that we all have regular sleep cycles and indeed during the day as well as the night. Our body needs regular breaks to function properly and be alert. In today’s world of fast living and busy lifestyles, sleep is very often bottom on your list. Although it is not always possible to have the luxury of a little nap, a break in what we are focussing on, even if for 10mins, will recharge our batteries. So move away from the desk and phone, and take the time to maybe read a little or just take in your surroundings and a little daydreaming wouldn’t go amiss. 🙂

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