Following a long protracted time of anxiety and depression I finally understand the meaning and power of Mindfulness.

Our thoughts create our feelings, so if we can change the thoughts by merely observing them and not writing ourselves a whole story around the meaning, we can free ourselves from the anxieties that can come from our thinking styles.

To be mindful is to be living in the moment, right here, right now and enjoying life as it happens rather than the fear of the future which we cannot predict or change.

One of the best forms of relief from the overpowering feeling of anxiety is to focus on our breathing. The one very basic, but important thing we do all day every day, even when we sleep. To breath in mindfully to the count of 4 and hold for 4 then breath out for 4, you cannot fail to notice the physical change in the body as it relaxes.

The treatments I offer in the cabin are the ideal source for you to make time to come and be mindful and just be, whilst the power of massage on the body does its work to dispel fears and recharge the batteries to take life as is unravels rather than building it in fear.



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