Weak Ties

Today I spent my morning wandering around the town of Oundle. What a delight to have a mooch around the charity shops and individually owned shops which are striving to keep the town alive in the competition with the internet.

Apart from some treasured purchases at bargain prices, I engaged in conversation as I moved my way around the town. These casual conversations apparently according to an article in last Sunday Times magazine, have been labelled ‘Weak Ties’. A strange name I feel, but the main benefit of these conversations’, is that they are beneficial to our well-being and create a feeling of belonging to the greater outside world. Beyond our family and friends.

It may well be the only conversation the giver or receiver has in their day and can indeed make their day – so I think they should be called Strong Ties and keeping in touch with our fellow man I feel gives strong feelings of being connected.

So go ahead and chat away…………

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