A Time to Reflect

That time between Christmas and New Year while you hopefully are free to chill, relax and unwind.

And so here we are on the brink of 2020. Sounds quite futuristic to me. So maybe you want to do something completely different next year to make a difference to how you function on a day to day basis. There is so much out there on offer, Gym memberships, Diets, Mini Marathons the list goes on and on.

But if you really want to make a difference maybe its time to truely listen to and respect your body. Lets face it we expect it to perform every day without question and then wonder why we burn out.

So if you asked me why would you choose to become a regular client at Serenity Cabin , I would refer you to the reasons my clients attend to their Wellbeing on a regular basis.

For help with sleep, stress, anxiety, ongoing illness that restricts a lifestyle, a break from day to day demands, any one of these appear in my reviews.

For me personally, as your Wellbeing Therapist , I never fail to appreciate the difference I can make to someone else with the use of my hands and I guess hopefully my genuine interest in enabling them to see what a difference a treatment can make.

So in conclusion, if you would like to join my elite clients on my membership list, please send me your address by email or text on 07961708718 and I will send your your 2020 membership card.

Happy New Year

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