Life Lessons

If someone asked you to name something you felt you had learnt along the way rather than at home or school, what would you say?

For me it would be the importance of the attribute of Confidence. Some seem to be born naturally with it. They start off in life boldly taking steps without what seems like a moments thought.

But for others, there is hesitation, the ‘what if ‘ questions before taking a step, belief in ones’ worth and contribution being relevant and valuable.

Without confidence we can miss out on so much on what life has to give, and one of the benefits of getting older seems to be that we often throw off feelings of lacking in confidence and throw caution to the wind so to speak.

So let us help the next generation grow up in the belief that they are valuable and worthy of others listening to what they have to say and also believing in themselves.

Sometimes people can hide behind what appears to be a Confident characteristic, whereas in reality underneath they are dying inside. So do not be fooled by the initial facade they present and look beyond that to support the real person.

– Go forth with Confidence.

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