How to meet the Challenge and let it Flow.

From day to day there are often challenges that we do not anticipate. You wake up and there they are.

The usual feelings of calm are absent and the mind races forward asking questions. Why do I feel unsettled today. What happened overnight to make me feel this way.

Most days just flow and fill a steady, attainable pattern. Then out of the blue it seems this cloud is overhead.

So how do we meet those challenges’, not with fear but acceptance that sometimes we have these dips, and the more we ask ‘why’ the more they take a hold on us.

So the next time you wake up under that cloud, don’t ask why. Dont look for the reasons. Acceptance that some days just try to tip us off balance, so instead of looking for answers, step back, observe and move on to do something nice in your day that will lift you and not let life events get you down.

I speak from hard learned life experience, and I need to follow my words and let the cloud pass in its own time and flow past me.

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