Changing Your Life Habits

How are you feeling surrounded by fear and anxiety about how your daily life is going to need to change for the coming weeks, if not months.

Is it possible to use this time to explore creating a new routine for your days and weeks. Instead of mourning what you have lost for the time being, the prospect of a new regime could open new possibilities.

We are so used to knowing on a day to day basis roughly how we will be spending each day, that we find it hard to contemplate change.

But change can be refreshing and wake us up to think about how we spend our days and the things we could introduce to help us through these uncertain times.

For me, my swimming for exercise and my mental wellbeing, I am to replace by cycling when the weather permits, or practising some Yoga in my normal place of work, my cabin, or walking hopefully with friends, even if at a sensible distance.

I like to read, but rarely allocate myself some time during my day to immerse myself in a good book instead of a few pages before I go to sleep.

So maybe I could encourage you that whilst I am not able to offer my usual Wellbeing Treatments, I can encourage my clients to plan and think about how to still find enjoyment in your days.

I would love to know how you will achieve this, I hope I have given you food for thought. Please leave your comments below.

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