Keep Calm and Carry On

Whilst I cannot invite you to come and enjoy the delights of my cabin, to help you keep your fear and stress levels down, I will aim to suggest ways that you can help yourself.
For me, being outside as much as possible is definitely a way of lowering my levels.
Listening to music, reading or walking with friends at the recommended distance apart, but still able to walk and talk
A bit of self TLC, massage your hands with hand lotion,
Massage cream into your feet, slowly and methodically leaving them feeling pampered.
Give yourself a facial treat. Exfoliate and use a Face Mask.
Tune into a meditation podcast and switch off from the current worrying news.
If you have young children grasp this opportunity to spend some quality time together and get some back to basics learning about cooking, drawing, painting, growing some seeds or plants for the garden.
All in all please keep smiling – keep in touch – and the Cabin will be ready and waiting for you just as soon as we have beaten the risk of the virus – fond wishes for you to stay well.

1 thought on “Keep Calm and Carry On

  1. A very positive message reminding us of simple things we can all do to keep ourselves happier calmer and able to cope! Thank you – from a land far far away New Zealand and from Singapore where we are now part way though our stopover as we couldn’t change our flights to get home sooner! So few flights operating and so many people wanting to ‘just get to their homes’…

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