Focus On Change For the Good

As a Well-being therapist my daily aim is to provide a space and a sanctuary where others can enjoy the benefits of massage and help control their stress levels with regular return visits.

My observation during this time of the need to stay home, to help stop the spread of the Virus, I have identified a much slower pace of life.

I have always found that I consider I function much better when I am busy and my day is full. Hopefully with a mixture of socialising, work, rest and play. That was before the Corona Virus took over our world and our lives have had to adapt and change.

I guess we all know that seeing good in what otherwise would be considered bad , is a more positive approach to help keep our mindset under control. For me then the observation that it has a calming effect to not be rushing around, and that constrictions to our movements, brings with it an inevitable slowing down and in turn lower stress levels.

If we can contain our fear of the unknown and take each day as a new day to learn that life can slow down and we can hopefully wake up one day in the not too distant future and smell the roses again.

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