Never have I felt so much gratitude for what I have in my life right now, brought to the fore by lockdown.

A slower pace, more observation, the onset of Spring, the wonder of Nature, offset against the fear surrounding the Pandemic.

The hope and prayer for my family and friends to come through this unscathed, and thankful for the amazing people in the front line helping people to recover when at all possible from this invisible virus.

So in my small world of wellbeing and looking after oneself as in body and mind and in turn increasing ones resistance and ability to fight the virus if we come in contact with it.

The connecting, the community, the selflessness of carers, looking out for neighbours who may be elderly and vulnerable. If any good can come out of this Pandemic, we must hold onto those connections, and being there for others, acknowledging complete strangers with a smile.

In the end its the little things that make a big difference – stop and take stock for the things you should be grateful for – Stay Safe.

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