Observe don’t Absorb

When you start to turn your attention to possible new beginnings, and or taking note of your Wellbeing, you need to become aware or your surroundings and how you view them.

Are you resilient when something or someone behaves or says something you consider out of order, do you just Observe or do you Absorb.

I think most of us, unless you make the conscious effect to just Observe and not Absorb, you are the one left with the negative feelings, that can stay with you and effect your mood. Usually the person or situation has moved on, oblivious that they have upset or disturbed you as your paths crossed.

Self awareness is a really valuable tool if you want to go through life without the feelings that we really don’t need, affecting us on a daily basis.

It sounds simply, but just try it, the next time you find yourself upset, annoyed, frustrated, or angry, make a conscious effect to Observe and not Absorb.

Let me know how you get on.

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