Your Health and Wellbeing

What does the above title mean to you? Is it something you only attend to when you feel under the weather and maybe seek medical advice.

Or do you think about how, by just taking short breaks in your day, you can be more alert, in control, and more resilient to change.

Over the last few weeks some of us have experienced a slower pace of life and maybe become aware of the frenetic, stressed out, burn out from over-load and not taking those breaks.

If you take regular breaks during your day to tune into your body, judge if you are holding anxiety, become aware of your breathing rate, you can change how you feel and get better results of what you want to achieve.

If you are to get through this period of complete change in our way of life it is essential to become resilient, an attribute many find hard to achieve.

To become resilient you need to become away of what is right now. What you as an individual can change and that which you have not control of.

I recently experienced some verbal abuse as I rode my bicycle, quite legally on the road, but the passenger deciding I should be using the cycle lane, which right now with social distancing it is not possible to use safely. I did not react, I know my blood pressure probably went up, but dwelling on it and not being able to move on would only affect me and the rest of my day. An incident I could do nothing about but be resilient to it.

So today being Wednesday, the middle of the week at 4pm I will be hosting my online Relaxation Session. Here I am encouraging ladies to attend to all of the above and to take the skills on with them into the days that follow.

If you would like to join me today, please just send me your email.

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