A Little Piece of Normality

Not too far away from where I live there is a town called Eastbourne, where normally at this time of year it would be starting to get very busy with tourists. The hotels would start filling, the Theatres advertising their Summer Shows, the Pier filling with curious people to experience a walk along one of the few remaining original seaside Piers and yes the beaches too would be busy.

But as we start to move on a little forward with the lockdown rules none of the above are taking place, except the beach.

Tentatively family, friends, young and old are turning to the beach to be outside and still maintaining the 2 metre Social Distancing. With a large expanse of sand and low tide today the peace and tranquility of the beach was being enjoyed again.

Not for me the return to the shops, I have no need for them right now. But to kick of my shoes and walk into the sea, warm and inviting. The great expanse of area so that no-one needs to be on top of each other. It has for me an exhilarating feeling, and my feet by the way feel like they have had a massage.

So in very confusing, unsettling, unnerving, times, it is good to go back to basics and appreciate the simple things.

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