Recipes for Wellbeing

There are many past-times that can enhance your feeling of Wellbeing and if you add them to your weekly shopping list, you will be on your way to increased happiness in around all you do and experience.

For me during Lockdown and the Pandemic, I have turned to my bicycle to give me exercise and visit my elderly mother who live alone ,15 mins away from where I live. For me exercise and for her social contact.

Many a day my spirits may be low, and my enthusiasm for the day ahead jaded. I might feel extra tired for no apparent reason, but a ride out on my bike fits the bill.

Being outdoors in the fresh air is exhilarating and taking in my surroundings and noticing nature as it unfolds from Spring to Summer has lifted my moods.

Walking can also be a great way to get outdoors and increase not only you physical but your mental wellbeing,

If you have been restricted during these weeks to enjoy the outdoors, then make the most of every opportunity to go outside and see what a difference it can make.

There are many things we cannot influence, understand, control, accept, take on board, predict the future or change the past.

The present we do have some control over so use the basic skills you have to distract ourselves and lift your mood. Leave your negative voice at home and you will notice a change in how you feel.

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