Missing Links

As we near the end of our second Lockdown due to the Pandemic, what elements of your life as you knew it do you miss, and which parts would you say have actually help you grow whilst we follow the rules to stay safe.

For me, my normal week would be seeing clients in my cabin, on a part-time Basis. I would find time for cycling for exercising, walking, and playing tennis. Visits to the indoor swimming pool at least 3 times a week, meeting friends and catching up over a coffee in a cafe. Time also to care of my elderly mother who lives alone and depends on me for her day to day needs.

When the Pandemic hit and we went into lockdown my list was reduced as follows:-

No clients – cabin closed. No tennis, club closed. No swimming – gym closed, No seeing friends – outside the rules,

So without realising it I have turned instead to cold water swimming in the sea, when the conditions allow. The benefits are amazing – I just wish I had discovered this earlier.

I still cycle with one friend and keep in touch with others via WhatsApp.

And to fill another gap, almost more important because it involves me learning something new – an electric guitar. I have always wanted to be able to play a guitar so now my cabin has turned into my music room. I went from an idea last Saturday morning to buying a guitar by Saturday afternoon.

If life changes and links are taken away – do not hide away – look out for ways you can still grow and expand your mind to keep living your life the best way you can.

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