Life as we Know it

It can seem overwhelming that our day to day lives have been changed in a way we could never have imagined. My role as a Therapist has been put on hold, for how long I have no idea at the moment.

So how can I be of help to my lovely clients, to help get them through and live their lives, in spite of the pandemic, rather than shaped around it.The New Year will bring the usual resolutions on weight and exercise. But how about if we turn our attention to the health of our bodies and minds.

Many issues that dog us on a daily basis are rooted in the time and energy we spend attending to, or rather not, ourselves.Common complaints ie :-Lack of sleep, Feeling tired all the time,Feelings of isolation, (even when we have company) Worry about the future or the past etc.

We are not encouraged to look at our lives in a way that can enrich them. Our minds can feel like they are controlled all by themselves, without our intervention. As someone that led her life oblivious to the power we have within us, it has taken me time and study to learn the roots to happiness.

So as I cannot see you in person , I am going to use this page to share with you over the next weeks and months, what I have learnt in order for you to help yourselves. Topics will include :- Sleep, Stress, Worry, Anxiety, Resilience,Adapting to change and lots, lots more. If you have a topic you are struggling with please let me know or any you would like me to cover.

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