Spring Platform

Spring is the ideal time to work towards change. Seeking out ways to improve how you feel and how you greet each day.

Through this Pandemic our lives have become very different. We need to adhere to rules, recommendations, keeping our distance and staying apart from family and friends.

So I guess we either buckle under or buckle up and take on the challenge. Changing our routines and patterns to our days is alien. For so long we probably never gave a thought to the daily routines we gave ourselves and never thought about if they were productive or effective in adding or subtracting to the joy of our lives.

So I think we should grab this opportunity to step back, review and re-access where we are and where we are going. Maybe with extra time at home you can look to a new hobby or learn to play musical instrument, read more and take more interest in your garden.

Maybe make a list of ‘wishes’, not ‘if only’ and make them happen. We must not let circumstances outside our control, control us.

So with lighter mornings and nights, feel lighter and use the Spring as your Springboard to a new approach.

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