Cabin Highlights

I decided today to go into my cabin and prepare the way for my long awaited re-opening.

Looking around I chose four items that represent to me the original concept of creating a space where women could come and be totally relaxed and able to switch of with no distractions.

Along the way of creating the cabin, which was custom built by Heartwood Carpentry and construction of Seaford, I gradually added items that I felt would enhance the ambience.

The shelves that hold some of these items were originally one piece of driftwood off the beach here in Seaford, and we had uprights made by the local blacksmith. I remember the morning I found the wood, around 6am on a Mothers Day. several years ago now. Their home was in my previous cabin and garden until we moved here some 3 years ago and had another cabin built. The shelves had to come with us and they were reassembled.

The Lady hiding her face and appearing lost and needing help and guidance I found along the way and felt drawn to it because there had been times for me when I could identify with the pose but then in happier times could look and see how far I had come. The statue a constant reminder that with help we can overcome our difficulties in life. We just need to seek the help along the way.

The hands cradling a candle I found in a local charity shop and the sign was bought for me by my daughter, it too seemed very significant because my ‘go to’ place is by the sea and the beach.

The blue painting is my work. I did not know what the painting was going to represent and it just evolved along the way. Clients tell me it is calming and relaxing to look at as it appears to be under the sea.

Then finally the picture of the fishes- again a purchase from our local Autism charity shop. It just caught my eye and I felt it so suited the cabin.

It will always be evolving as items present themselves to me.

A small cosy place, warm and inviting for a personal treatment by me.


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