Me, Myself and I.

How well do you know yourself ?

Do you ever stop to consider if you are living your life in the best possible way for you.?

Do you know yourself – what makes you tick?

The first step to self-discovery in to sit down with a piece of paper or a book to write down your thoughts and observations.

Identify what you do that makes you happy and areas that bring you stress or disquiet.

Think about and make a list of an average day and what you expect yourself to deal with within your capabilities and areas where you are spending time on others and draining your energy.

How much time during your average day do you step back and take a break, no matter how short, to take a breath and re-focus your mind and your thinking.

So hopefully that will give you some ideas to set you off on your journey of self-discovery.

Maybe start with a visit to a good stationers and choose an appropriate book to write in. Go home, choose a space where you will not be interrupted and start your process of taking back control of your energy levels and learning more about yourself than you have never really considered.

Start writing ………………………………………………..

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