So for the last 18 months or so a Hug has been ill advised with the Pandemic and risk of passing on an infection.

Now with caution we can give and receive one. What is it about a hug that makes us and the receiver feel so good. Human contact is important to let us know how much we love and feel loved. It is difficult to create that feeling in any other way.

Sometimes it is believed or felt that possessions are what we strive for to make us feel happy, they can in the short term, but we need contact with other humans to really experience the benefits.

Head Massage, Foot Massage and Facials that I offer in the cabin are all treatments that involve ‘hands on’ contact. The body always responds and the relaxation state is achieved. The body is given space to relax every muscle and the Mind the time and space to empty.

In our modern fast paced technological world we do not allow ourselves this time for human contact and our stress emotions take over.

I do what I do as a Wellbeing Therapist to show you how, given the safe space and time, you can really feel the benefit of the Human touch.

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