Relaxing Facials

Facial massage is an original form of beauty treatment. As it relaxes the facial muscles it also tones and firms them. It can literally ‘lift’ the face producing a rejuvenating effect.

The signs of emotional stress gather around the face and eventually the tension ‘maps’ itself and shapes how we look. Facial massage eases the tension and strengthens the supporting muscles of the face.

The beneficial effects are more than skin-deep. Regular treatments encourage the deep relaxation we all need to maintain our energy levels, ease tensions and de-clutter our thinking. It is also a lifter of mood, as this type of massage clears toxins and eases congestion in the sinus and nasal passages.

Because mind and body are so intricately linked there are proven psychological benefits from facial massage both during and after a session. Massage of the face tends to activate the parts of our nervous system associated with rest and recovery, resulting in a relaxed physical state and a decrease in anxiety and negative mood.

The benefits of a Relaxing Facial

As well as alleviating stress and tension, facial massage produces a range of other positive effects. These include:

  • Deep relaxation associated with the healing response
  • Improved energy levels and concentration
  • Better sleep and improved ability to ‘switch off’
  • A natural facelift from improved circulation and muscle tone
  • The elimination of toxins and reduction of facial congestion
  • An attenuation of allergy symptoms
  • Reduced effects of tension like headaches and eyestrain.

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