Serenity Online

Why Online?

When the Pandemic hit and we went into total Lockdown, I wanted to find a way of my clients being able to continue attending to their wellbeing while the Cabin had to remain closed.

I did not know how well some of the methods I use for my treatments would come across online but, a few weeks in, and I have a lovely group of ladies who join me every weekj for a Relaxation session. Their feedback confirms the value of these sessions. To enable them to take the time regularly to attend to their Wellbeing, in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

I wanted to reach out to ladies far and wide, who would like a bit of support to help them through these difficult times and creating these sessions, it has allowed me to connect with women way beyond my usual client radius.

Serenity Online Relaxation

You can subscribe to these private sessions here, or use the contact button below.

The sessions themselves are a mixture of relaxation techniques and self-massage of the areas of the body that I would focus on during an Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Facials.

I cover the head, neck, face, shoulders, arm and hands and feet. Each week you will receive your own personal invitation to the session with guidance as to what your will need to have with you and how to create the best surroundings where you will not be disturbed. The only thing you need to provide is some suitable massage oil, I use Coconut Oil, but even basic Veg Oil would work too.

Sessions are approximately 45 minutes long. During the session the only camera on is mine and I mute all microphones apart from my own.

Please register via the contact form below if you would like to join me and I’ll send your invitation to these private sessions.

What they say

Please take a look at these sessions with the lovely Angela they have been instrumental to some peace in a crazy house recently for me. It’s the one hour in a week there have been no interruptions!

Carole “A great, relaxing session yesterday with Angela Winbolt. My neck felt much more comfortable afterwards and I was able to head off to the beach and read.”

Nicola “Who knew smoothing coconut oil through your hair to massage your scalp would be SO relaxing. The best bit is that I can do it myself between sessions!”

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